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Atonement is required. Now with closed caption (English translation).

Wow. Over 7 mil. Fellas, my deepest thanks. All I can say now is... TO THE MOON!!! #DogeCoin 🚀🚀🚀🌙🌙🌙💎🙌🏼

100,000 views huh? guess I should explain myself then. I made this video in 12 minutes cause my buddy Ben and I are memey boys and like the dumbest of memes. That being said, it may not be up your ally but I have a lot of other videos on my channel that I've worked pretty hard on so if you could check them out I'd appreciate that. Thanks, everyone, never thought this would be my greatest hit.


one million? That's amazing. Thanks for liking this stupid meme.

Thank you all for two million views. I hope this meme can give you smiles in this crazy time.

Over a year later and here we are. Almost 6.5 million views. Wow...
Stay true my friends... Dorime.

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